Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Road to Saint-Tropez

Having enjoyed Thursday's long, beautiful hike we were ready to strike out again for Saint-Tropez. We wanted to see more of the village and then drive around the peninsula to see the land and the distances for the other coastal hikes. We decided not to try to do another long hike. This last full day would be for sightseeing.

We left Mougins and headed down the A8 to the Le Muys exit for Saint-Tropez. Everything was great until we got to Saint Maxime. Then, traffic was at a standstill. Comparing Friday to Thursday, was so different! The traffic was almost non-existent on Thursday. After one hour of sitting in traffic, we turned around and decided to make the most of the day by driving back up the scenic N98 coastal highway to St. Aygulf and the Villepey Lagoons.

We stopped along the coast for a nice lunch, then continued on. The Villepay Lagoons are across the street from the beach. We could see some of the beautiful birds, the easy boardwalk paths, but decided not to take the hike. We just enjoyed driving the coast again on our last day and headed back to Mougins in time for dinner in the old village.

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